Picture Framing & Mounting Service

We can frame almost anything from a small certificate to a Premier League football shirt, tapestries, watercolours, canvases, oils, cross stitches, parchments etc. We have even framed boxing gloves, Formula One crash helmets and cricket bats that once belonged to the rich and famous, as well as sentimental and valuable items such as medals, coins, old photographs and precious pictures. Whatever the item, call in and let us help you make the correct choice without any obligation – our advice is free.

We also stock a superb collection of quality photograph frames which range from traditional to very modern.

The cutting-edge designs are made from silver plate, rose gold, stainless steel, crystals, glass, copper, pewter, enamel and shiny jewels. Many of our handmade wooden frames are made from the finest sustainable solid oak, whitewashed or are shabby chic. Whatever you require, why not call in to our reception to browse through our collection.